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Patterson Fan


Anatomy of a Fan
Fan Mounts

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Chain Suspended
Allows fan to be suspended from the ceiling.  Fan includes eye bolts for hanging

wall.JPG (7057 bytes)
Column/Wall Mount
For permanent mounting to wall or column.  Heavy weight oscillator assembly available upon request.

pedestal.JPG (6695 bytes)
Pedestal Stroller
Mounted on a wheeled base with handle for easy maneuverability.
Yoke.JPG (7991 bytes)
Yoke Mount
Allows fan to be securely mounted to overhead I-beam or any other flat surface.   Once mounted, horizontal and vertical adjustment of the fan is easily made.
14" Module Fan
The 14" Module fan is just the right size for personnel or equipment cooling in confined or restricted spaces such as mezzanines, order picking lines, an low ceiling rooms.  This lightweight, economical fan produces a high volume of air with a throw distance of 60 feet.  This is 2-3 times greater air throw than the typical pedestal or box fan, reducing the number of fans needed.  The result is the power of a larger size unit in a compact easy to handle fan.  Available in six convenient models.
18" Truck Cooler / Utility Fan
The 18" fan is the ideal truck cooler fan.  Delivering 2-3 times greater air throw than a typical pedestal or box fan.  One 18" Patterson truck cooler fan will effectively purge the hot air from a 55 foot trailer.   The versatile wall mount design allows you to position the fan between dock doors and swivel from bay to bay as needed.  This means less fans are needed, saving you money.  When not being used as a truck cooler, the fan can be easily turned to provide air circulation in open warehouse/loading dock areas.  Six standard models.   Optional dock light available.
22" Universal Performance Fan
A premium multi-purpose, high velocity fan, the 22" universal is a proven performer and the most popular selling fan.  Providing a smooth, evenly distributed column of air with penetration at distances over 100 feet, this fan is an all around workhorse.  From employee cooling, sweeping warehouse aisleways, maintenance cooling of equipment, to providing air circulation on golf course greens, the 22" Universal fan is designed for applications where continuous, hassle-free air movement is essential.  Available in 5 standard models.
30" Power Blast Fan
When you need a heavy duty fan for circulating air in large open areas such as warehouses or need high volume air flow around heat producing equipment, the 30" Power Blast fan is the perfect choice.  This ruggedly built fan, specifically designed for industrial environments, provides an evenly distributed stream of air with a throw distance over 180 feet.  One 30" Power Blast fan does the job of 3-4 typical pedestal or box fans, making it an exceptional value.  Available in 5 standard models.
36" Heavy Duty Process Fan
This rugged and reliable high velocity 36" fan is used in those areas where large air-moving capacity is needed.  At a distance of 20 feet, this fan will blast 19,500 cubic feet of air at the rate of 1,500 feet per minute.   Mounted on a portable base, this fan is easy to maneuver, needs little maintenance attention, and will handle a wide range of ventilating, cooling, drying, and air-circulating jobs.  Ideal for use in steel mills, foundries and extrusion plants.  Choice of ceiling suspended or portable base model.
Power Tube
The Patterson power tube allows you to efficiently direct and control air flow distribution over large areas.  Connected to a high velocity fan and suspended from the ceiling, the power tube distributes even air flow throughout your plant.  The fan pressurizes the tube, forcing air out the holes which are strategically placed over the length of the tube.  Made of high quality polypropylene fabric that is non-permeable and moisture-resistant, the power tube is economical to purchase, easy to install and can be made to fit the 14"-30" size fans.   Considering work area size, floor plan and other variables, we can help you design a system that meets your plant's unique air distribution requirements.

power-tube.JPG (17322 bytes)
Power Tube

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