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Flow Storage Selection Guidelines 
A wide range of products is available for 
virtually all pallet and container types. 

To identify the INTERROLL product suited to your application, select the pallet/container type you are using from the diagrams below.

Pallet Types & Footprints
Plastic PalletsPlastic pallets with "feet" are gaining greater acceptance within the industry. Reliable flow of these pallets can be a challenge. INTERROLL has achieved positive results using our Logix 4000 wide roller based flow system. 

Pallets with full-length runnersPallets with full-length runners in the direction of flow move freely using INTERROLL narrow or wide roller conveyor. Pallet guidance is a desirable feature provided by use of rollers with built-in flanges. 

Wrong-way pallets"Wrong-way" pallets have bottom boards perpendicular to the direction of flow. The Logix 2000 polycarbonate wheel conveyor was specifically designed to convey pallets of this type...even when some bottom boards are warped or broken. 


Slave palletsSlave pallets are used for carrying non-conveyable items such as sacks, drums, bales, etc. Plywood material is generally used. INTERROLL's wheel or roller conveyors can be used, depending upon pallet load.


Lightly-loaded plywood palletsLightly-loaded plywood pallets are easily conveyed on steel wheel conveyor. However, heavily loaded plywood pallets and foam plastic pallets both require greater support. Use of Logix 4000 wide roller conveyor is recommended for these applications. 


Wire baskets, skid boxes and other factory containersWire baskets, skid boxes and other factory containers are generally conveyed using rugged roller conveyor. Runners on these containers tend to be "slippery" and the use of lagged brake rollers is recommended.


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