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National Partitions


National Partitions' modular enclosures offer many advantages over traditional construction as well as our competitors' modular systems.

Below are several of the top advantages...


Why National Partitions?
  • - We are the nation's largest and leading manufacturer of modular walls and building systems in the industry.
  • - We have 25 area managers to provide you with faster service and expertise along with a network of thousands of distributors nationwide to provide localized assistance and support service.
  • - We offer professional factory installations and we guarantee your satisfaction.
  • - We will provide you with quality modular construction that will meet building code requirements.


RapidWall™ systems for almost every commercial, institutional and industrial application.

The ideal way to construct walls. Fast and clean to install, flexible and economical, our RapidWall™ Systems provide 'building blocks' for our modular building solutions. With multiple posting systems and numerous wall types and inner core options, coatings and finishes, National Partitions is sure to have the modular wall for your application and budget.

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The ValueWall™ is the industry’s full-featured price leader that offers great performance benefits. Available with: ThermalCore™, Type-1 Core™



Features TrueMatch™ which combines attractiveness and performance useful for any application. Available with: ThermalCore™,
Type-1 Core™, 1-Hour Core™,



Floor-to-ceiling front office partition system with six standard colors and over 60 designer finishes. Available with: ThermalCore™,
Type-1 Core™, 1-Hour Core™,



Utilizes heavy duty steel sheets laminated to the wall surface for added protection and durability.
Available with: ThermalCore™, Type-1 Core™, 1-Hour Core™, HushCore™



Ideal for specialty enclosures where a cleanable, durable steel surface and thermal insulation are important. Available with: ThermalCore™


Seamless one-piece steel faced panels up to 40 feet high. Available with: ThermalCore™



A variety of core options

A variety of RapidWall™ inner cores are available to choose from depending on building codes, sound deadening, and thermal resistance requirements.

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For superior strength and insulation over steel studs. STC: 30-35. R-Value: 9-13.5




Type-1 Core ™
100% non-combustible compliant for type 1 or 2 constructions. STC: 30-35



1-Hour Core ™
Certified ASTM E-119 1-hour endurance construction for fire safety. STC: 35-45. R-Value: 12


Combines the fire-rated performance with sound deadening to STC 45 or better. STC: 45-55. R-Value: 12



Code compliant, unlike many modular wall systems

We meet all major building codes (ANSI, ICC, IBC, ICBO, UBC) with certified RapidWall™ systems for the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials ASTM E84 Class A, ASTM E119 1 & 2-hour fire ratings, as well as NFPA 286 and 25ft. high Corner Test - Listed and certified by Omega Point Laboratories.


Value-added modular construction

  • - Greater durability and superior fire-protection
  • - Shorter construction time and fewer facility interruptions
  • - Cleaner construction and maintenance
  • - Major cost savings including significant tax benefits

Unmatched quality features


TrueMatch™ - Attractive vinyl faced components that perfectly match the wall's surface




npDiamondCoat™ - Durable vinyl nearly twice as thick as economy vinyl




npGripper™ - Unique panel connection system that grips the panel to prevent the intrusion of noise, dust and unconditioned air. Patents #6253516, 6076322



npHiWall™ - Seamless panels to 40 feet high for dividing plant areas




Stronger steel components


GalvaCoat™ - Galvanized for corrosion protection




npDuraBoss™ - Embossed surface on steel panels for better appearance




npPeelGuard™ - Removable film on steel panels for protection during installation




Structural Inserts™ - Bolted and anchored designs, engineered for code compliance


Heavy duty doors — the best in the industry

npHeavier Steel - 16 gage frames and 20 gage doors for durability



npTextureCoat™ - Tough powder coat finish with an attractive texture



npTiteSeal™ - Full gasket jamb to seal out noise and dust





A modular wiring system that allows the wiring of outlets and lights with snap-together simplicity. Manufactured with heavy-duty, commercial/industrial grade components. UL Listed and meets National Electric Code.


Lower prices

Efficient manufacturing, value engineering and the economies achieved by being the nation's largest manufacturer of interior modular construction, allows National Partitions to offer better products at lower prices.

Cost Advantages - Find our more

10 Year Guarantee

Our 10 Year Guarantee means quality you can trust...

Manufacturer Warrants that the products furnished by the manufacturer under this contract will be free from defects in workmanship and material for ten (10) years on interior buildings and one (1) year on exterior buildings after delivery to the end user.

Written notice on any claim defect must be furnished to manufacturer in writing within thirty (30) days of knowledge of same.

Upon satisfactory demonstration of the merits of the claim, manufacturer will, within a reasonable time, make any necessary repair or corrections, or at the option of the manufacturer, replace defective article free of charge.

Charges for correcting defects will not be allowed, unless manufacturer is first notified in writing and the correction is authorized in writing.

Any and all charges to correct an item shall be limited to the amount charged for that item, all amounts in excess of that amount shall not be covered by this warranty or reimbursed by the manufacturer.

This warranty will not apply to defects caused by improper installation or to any of manufacturers products which shall have been repaired or altered by anyone other than manufacturer, without manufacturer's written consent, or which have been subject to misuse, neglect or accident. NO FURTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE NOT SPECIFIED HEREIN, ARE MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER, and this paragraph sets forth the full extent of the liability arising from the manufacture, use or sale of the products and materials sold hereunder.

No allowances will be made for delays or loss of profit, nor for any other special, indirect or consequential damages or injuries, whether based on tort or contract.

Company Stability

Since 1967 National Partitions™ has been the industry leader in the application of economical modular design techniques as used in the construction of prefabricated interior offices (in-plant offices) , manufacturing rooms, environmental rooms, clean rooms and industrial wall systems.

Since our company's inception, we have continually strived to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. We are rooted within the communities in which we operate -- through our manufacturing facilities in South Florida and throughout the greater United States through our large network of local distributors.

As the indisputable industry leader in modular construction and enclosures, we are ever pushing ourselves to bring innovation to our sector.

Factory Installers

We offer professional factory installations and we guarantee your satisfaction.




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