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Labor-Saving Spacer and Pallet Removal Machine


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Built to take the rugged treatment of
meat processing and freezing operations.
Industry proven to be the #1 spacer removal system!


Bullet Controls Are Easily Accessible
Control arm swings and pivots to multiple positions, thus allowing the operator to stand anywhere within a large area.
Bullet Custom Design
We are able to design a machine to meet your particular needs and requirements. Larger machines are available to permit consolidation of various size loads.
Bullet Floor Level Access
Machine is loaded and unloaded at floor level with entry or removal from either the front or the side.
Bullet Adjustable Clamping Plate
Capable of accommodating a wide range of load heights, the clamping plate descends to the top of the load and secures the load before the machine reclines.
Bullet Easy Pallet Exchange
With the machine in its reclined position, pallets can be readily exchanged. Pallets pull easily in or out on a built-in roller bed.

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Bullet Ergonomically Correct Height
A working height of only 28 inches permits rapid removal of freezer spacers, while protecting against back strain.
Bullet Fast, efficient loading at ground level
Bullet Permits removal of spacers in just seconds
Bullet Reduces back strain and employee injuries, ultimately lowering insurance costs
Bullet Spacers can be removed from product as soon as frozen and are thus available for re-use
Bullet Preclamping the load breaks the frozen bond between product and spacer
Bullet Eliminates stacking and re-stacking
Bullet Prompt pay-back (often as short as 3 months)
Bullet No more double-handling of product with consequent back and arm injuries
Bullet Tighter control, leading to increased life of spacers and fewer purchases of new ones



How it Works

1. The load is placed in the machine close to the sidewall. The clamp is activated and secures the load.
2. The machine tilts 105o thus releasing the weight of the load from the pallet. The clamp is then released and the pallet can be quickly removed and/or replaced.
3. A small roller-bed assists pallet replacement.
4. With the new pallet in place, the sequence is reversed and the load turned to its original position, ready for removal.
1. The load is placed in the machine close to the sidewall. The clamp is activated and secures the load.
2. The machine tilts 90o, the clamp is then released and freezer spacers can easily be pulled out.

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