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AgBin® Collapsible Containers

Containers Engineered for Growers,
Packers and Shippers

The AgBin® 4848 collapsible plastic container surpasses wooden bins in the orchard, field, and packing house. It improves the marketability of your crop by reducing spoilage and damage. And it can help lower costs for maintenance, storage, shipping, and disposal.

3:1 stacking when empty

Get to Know the Advantages of Clean,
Fast-Cooling AgBin® Collapsible Containers

In developing the AgBin®, Perstorp Plastic Systems consulted closely with growers, packers, and shippers to meet their needs through our patented collapsible-container technology. Specific concerns that we addressed in the AgBin® include size, strength, ventilation, product protection, ease of handling, labeling, and safety. The AgBin® is the first collapsible plastic pallet container developed for agriculture.

The AgBin® was designed for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops, including apples and pears, citrus, avocado, stone fruit, grapes, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other row crops.

The AgBin® is structural-foam injection-molded of high density polyethylene (HDPE), a form of plastic that's very strong, rigid, and impact resistant. The container's design optimizes its strength-to-weight ratio, which means you can stack loaded AgBins® up to 12 high in self-supporting stacks.

HDPE has still other advantages. It's sanitary and requires no maintenance. It withstands weather extremes and rough handling, and will not warp, rot, or corrode. It's also one of the most recyclable forms of plastic.

Faster cooling, fresher produce

You can cool your valuable crop faster, up to three times faster than with wooden bins, thanks to the AgBin's® air vents. During storage, the AgBin's® smooth, sanitary surfaces don't harbor fungus and insects, and don't draw moisture from produce.

Improved packout

You can eliminate damage to produce from rough, splintered wooden panels, sharp corners, or protruding nails and hardware. The AgBin's® plastic surfaces and coved corners are gentle on fruit and vegetables.

Lower maintenance, longer life

You can cut overhead with the virtually maintenance-free AgBin®. And it has a longer useful life than wooden bins, is easily recycled, and retains significant salvage value.

Safe, convenient handling

You can easily handle the AgBin® with pallet jacks and forklifts. Optional anti-skid pads prevent slippage. Rigid sidewalls and corners, plus positive interlocks between tops and bases, ensure secure stacking.

Space efficiency

You can reap additional cost savings from the AgBin's® collapsibility. A collapsed AgBin® delivers a 60-percent space savings in idle storage and return shipping.

Easy to Collapse and Erect

Fold without tools

One person can easily and quickly collapse an AgBin®, without any tools. Just release the autolock clips and fold down the hinged sidewalls. To erect the container, fold the sidewalls back up. They lock together in a snap.

Efficient for Idle Storage and
Return Shipping

60% less space used when folded

Collapsed AgBins® take up 60 percent less space than empty wooden or conventional plastic bins, and stack securely for storage or return shipping.

Foolproof Autolock Clips

Foolproof autolock clips

Spring-loaded sliding clips automatically lock hinged sidewalls. A gentle squeeze on the easy-to-grip handle releases the lock.

Positive Stacking Interlock

Positive stacking

Positive base-to-top interlock allows secure, self-supporting stacks of up to 12 loaded containers in CA rooms, up to six high in warmer environments.

Maximum Loaded Stack:

Static 6 high (12 high in CA)

Dynamic 4 high

External volume in.(3 ) 67,805 (1112)

Internal volume 49,603 (810)

Volumetric efficiency 74%

Approximate return ratio 2.5:1

Functional temperature -20 to 120F (-29 to 49C)

Large Labeling Zones

For bin identification, five separate, visible areas are recessed for the application of adhesive labels, such as user logos and special markings.

Anti-Skid Pads

Anti-skid pads

To provide extra traction, optional rubber pads snap into sockets in the AgBin base.

Molded-In Card Holders

Molded-in card holders

For easy bin ticketing, each sidewall features a molded-in card holder, in a choice of two sizes (4.25 x 7.5 or 3.0 x 7.5 inches). Tickets can also be stapled directly to the HDPE plastic sidewall.

AgBin Options

Two-way pallet-jack entry (standard) or four-way forklift entry (optional). Vented walls and bottom (standard) or solid walls and bottom (optional). Optional anti-skid rubber pads for increased traction on slippery warehouse floors.


Easy to Maneuver and Stack

Easy to move

The AgBin® weighs 40 percent less than a standard wooden bin and is simple to handle in tight packing-house or warehouse spaces.

AgBins® are compatible with customary bin handling and conveying equipment, as well as most harvesting equipment, including Lightening Loaders, Two-way pallet-jack entry is standard; four-way forklift entry is optional.

AgBins® are also more plumb and true than wooden bins, and are easier to line-up and stack tightly.

Cooling and Draining Vents

Vents allow air to circulate

Vents in base and sidewalls let air circulate around produce to accelerate cooling, removing field heat up to three times faster than with wooden bins. Vents also let drenching solutions drain quickly, reducing solution waste and produce damage.

Coved Corners

Smooth corners

For maximum packout, rounded corners and smooth surfaces protect produce from bruising and abrasion.

Sanitary, Maintenance-Free Construction

Unlike wooden bins, the plastic AgBin® is easy to keep clean and free of dirt, fungus, or insects. It is impervious to temperature extremes, water, and sunlight. There's no need to sand splinters, apply coatings, and periodically adjust or replace hardware. If repair is necessary, hinged sidewalls are easily replaced with a flat-blade screwdriver.

Reinforced, Interlocking Corners

Thick corner column interlocks with adjacent sidewall for optimum strength and rigidity. This protects containers from rough handling and allows secure stacking of loaded containers.

Bevel Fork Openings

Beveled inner corners allow easy handling with pallet jacks and forklifts.


Products are warranted for three years against defects in materials and workmanship.

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