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Magnum Fixed-Wall Pallet Containers

Available in two sizes

Containers Engineered for Strength
and Convenient Use

Magnum containers are available in two standard footprint sizes, 48 x 44 and 42 x 29 inches, ideal for applications in many industries. They find use in material handling, storage, and shipping, for everything from small parts to large finished goods. And their solid, seamless construction is watertight and perfect for holding pellets, powders, and liquids.

FDA Approved Material

Made with FDA approved material

Molded of FDA-approved material, Magnumcontainers are a natural for agriculture, fisheries, and food processing. They are so versatile that they have been customized as first-aid kits for an ocean-spill emergency response team.

Strong, Easy to Clean

Magnum containers are structural-foam injected of high-density polyethylene. Besides being easy to clean, this material offers excellent structural properties, requires no surface treatment, and is one of the most recyclable forms of plastic.

Strength Is Built-In

The strength of every Magnumcontainer comes from Perstorp Plastic Systems' design approach, with careful structural analysis of loads and stresses. We were one of the first in our industry to treat plastic as a structural material in its own right.

A Sound Investment

Excellent R.O.I.

Magnum fixed-wall pallet containers offer versatility, long service life -- Magnum fixed-wall plastic containers are a smart capital investment. They pay back their initial cost many times over because they are so durable and easy to use. Engineered by Perstorp Plastic Systems, a leader in plastic pallet containers, they offer many advantages over wood, metal, corrugated, or conventional plastic products.

Unmatched Structural Integrity
and Durability

You can rely on Magnum structural-foam containers to outlast the alternatives. Even after years of use, they will not warp, erode, splinter, or rust.

Outstanding Ease of Use
Ease to use

You can easily and safely unload Magnumcontainers on a forklift or pallet jack and efficiently store them in self-supporting stacks, with or without lids.

FDA Approved Materials
Material you can count on

You can clean Magnum containers over and over again without degradation. Smooth inner surfaces rinse off easily and do not decay or trap dirt.

The Benefits of Reuse
and Recycling

You save the disposal costs of expendable packaging, plus we can give you a trade-in credit for the plastic when you decide to replace your Magnum containers.

An Extensive Sales
and Support Network

You can count on quick, responsive service from our experienced in-house staff and your local Perstorp Plastic Systems representative. We provide dunnage consultation, cost analysis, training, and maintenance.

Colors and Identification Plaques

Colors and Identification Plaques

Standard Color: White

Custom Colors

Minimum order of 100 units. Call for color availability.

Other Options

Container identification plaques available.

Other Options

Lid Options

Several lids available

Rugged structural-foam lids further protect the contents of Magnumcontainers. A lid with an optional O-ring seal provides a watertight cover for the Magnum 4844 container (see specifications for details).

Drain Plug Option
Drain plug available

The Magnum 4844 container has an optional threaded drain plug to empty contents or facilitate washing and rinsing.


A Closer Look At the
Magnum 4844 Pallet Container

The 48 x 44-inch Magnum container has been redesigned with stronger sidewalls, more durable corners, and beveled fork straps for easier pallet-jack handling -- just some of the details that make this container a consistent long-term performer.

Easy Fork Entry

Easy to use with fork lift

Magnum 4844 containers feature four-way forklift entry and are compatible with domestic pallet jacks (as shown). The smaller Magnum 4229 container has two-way entry -- on the 42-inch sides -- for a forklift or domestic pallet jack.

Beveled Fork Straps

For smooth, rapid handling with pallet jacks, there are beveled fork straps on the 48-inch side, which also ease travel on roller conveyors.

Positive Stacking Interlock

Self-supporting stacks

A positive base-to-top interlock allows self-supporting stacks of Magnum containers with or without lids (see specifications).

Coved, Reinforced Corners
Strong corners

For extreme durability under rough handling, each corner is reinforced along its entire length. The inner surface is coved for strength and easy cleaning -- there is no sharp angle to trap dirt or debris.

Durable Sidewall

The ribbing pattern is optimized for low weight, rigidity, and improved load transfer to the corners.


Products are warranted for three years against defects in materials and workmanship.

See Product Specifications


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